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Homeschool Academic Advisor for $99 a year

Sometimes DIY is fun; other times, not so much! What are the homeschooling laws in your state? What is a letter of intent (LOI)?  Which records must be kept and how should they be organized?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “real” person to help you with these questions? GSN can connect you with an educational specialist to serve as your Homeschool Academic Advisor.

Your GSN Homeschool Academic Advisor, will assist you with:

  • State-specific homeschool portfolio instructions
  • Drafting a state-specific letter of intent (LOI)
  • Creating a state-specific academic plan tailored to your individual student
  • Compiling Quarterly reports
  • Generating a transcript and diploma*
  • Answering any questions you may have about your homeschool academics

Your GSN homeschool academic advisor is a certified teacher with extensive experience in online learning and academic planning.  Your academic advisor will communicate with you primarily via email and will be a valuable resource for your homeschool endeavors.

*Global Student Network is not a school and therefore cannot issue diplomas or transcripts.  The responsibility for ordering or generating diplomas and transcripts rests solely with the homeschool family or parent.  Our academic advisor is a consultant who provides input and assistance to GSN families.

Don’t miss out! Make the most of this valuable GSN resource!
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