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Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.40.59 PMGlobal Student Network Announces New Curriculum Feature

Part of being excellent is adapting and changing.  GSN’s Odysseyware is doing just that!  Because of feedback and suggestions, Odysseyware is now offering My Notes.  This innovation will enable students to:

* interact even more with their online learning.  Students can make personal notes without leaving their current lesson.

* learn more effectively.  Making their own notes helps students to internalize the information.  Also, employing another modality (typing notes) can enable students to learn and remember information better than when only one modality (reading) is used.

* hone study skills.  Their notes can assist them in studying for practice and mastery tests.  Note taking is a skill that will assist students in other learning environments, such as college courses.

Odysseyware is a web-based curriculum for grades 3-12.  The engaging interactive format covers social studies, history, math, language arts, and science.  Odysseyware also offers many high school electives as well as career training courses (hospitality and tourism, business management, and health sciences).  To see a demonstration of Odysseyware including My Notes, go to and click on demos.