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GradPoint Music Appreciation has been extremely fun, engaging and informative course. Each unit provides new and useful information about music during different periods. There are many resources online to learn about music during different periods (i.e. Baroque and Classical), but this course has been concise, straight-to- the-point, entertaining and eye-opening. Music Appreciation has helped me better understand the details of each period of music; which I already had a vague understanding of beforehand. The lessons are an exciting read, the text and lab questions wonderfully challenging and discussion questions filled with opportunities to share personal opinions when asked to do so.

I really appreciated the addition of music clips throughout some of the lessons. Not only was it convenient to have it right there, ready to use, each clip was separated into its respective musical period. Seeing the Music Appreciation course overall, each unit is well-organized with every lesson, text question, discussion question etc. consistently falling in the right order.

This journey through Music Appreciation has been a valuable learning experience for me. I am delighted that my teacher has helped me immensely throughout the course and I feel great gratitude towards her for her help and constructive critiques of my work. I feel that I have learned a lot from this course and I look forward to the forthcoming lessons!

~ Sarah B., high school student with International Virtual Learning Academy

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